Chandler firm and local schools partner for affordable kids’ tech program

By Future Kiddie

The challenge of providing computer classes is that it is expensive and essential for today’s education. To answer this challenge, Chandler-based firm The Mighty PC, a refurbished PC company has teamed up with its sister company, Future Kiddie, a technology curriculum provider/educational program and partnered with the Arizona Charter Schools Association in providing local charter schools with high quality low cost computer classes.

The program started back in 2010, and have grown to include 19 schools in Arizona. The computer classes are from Pre-K to 3rd where kids as early as Pre-Kindergarten are taught keyboarding skills, coding languages and tech education. At the same time, the sister firm The Mighty PC also provide IT support to schools for their technology hardware and networking setup needs.

“They have been part of or school for going on 4 years, the children who have attended their class have walked away with skills that far exceed standards”, said Mrs. Martha Director and Principal of Joyful Beginnings Christian Academies, serving Pre-K to 3rd grade, one of the partner schools in Arizona.

“We began by offering their class as an ancillary program to those children whose parents would enroll them, but after seeing them in action and welcoming them as part of our village. Our school now offers Future Kiddie to every child enrolled – age Pre-K and up thru 3rd grade as part of our academic program”, said Mrs. Martha

Future Kiddie and its sister company The Mighty PC are co-owned and founded by siblings Ken and Linda Chan. Ken and Linda teach in the computer classes alongside with their teaching staffs, “I do not think writing a short reference can do justice to the great team of Mr. Ken and Ms. Linda and their team of great computer teachers” Ms. Van further added. Mr. Ken and Ms. Linda, teach the computer classes in a fresh perspective that allows the children to have fun listening and learning keyboarding, as well as learning coding language.

The Mighty PC previously Ironman PCs, is also a registered vendor for state and local schools, “As computer teachers, we understand the needs of educators” said Ken Chan. The company reconditions top consumer-rated business grade, used Dell and HP models promoting a sustainable program that allows refurbished computers to be used in an sustainable, noble and yet practical manner: educating kids.

The program originally started with 2 schools and in three years’ time, due to the sustainability of the program plus the value the program has brought to its partner schools, the tech program grew to include 19 schools –and counting! The Future Kiddie program is open for schools who are interested in creating a low-cost technical education and may be reached at 480-331-3068 and email at


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This article is written by a vendor and not the Arizona Charter Schools Association Staff.