Online Therapy Solutions

By PSI Solutions

Are You Considering Online Therapy Solutions for Your School?

There’s no better time than now! VirtualPSI teletherapy removes distance barriers and meets your high-quality educational standards – all within a secure, HIPAA compliant, and user-friendly platform. Embrace the excitement of technology in your classroom, at your school or at home with our Speech, Occupational Therapy,  ESL, and tutoring services! Don’t let your students miss out on missed interventions and top-quality education at the touch of a button… contact PSI today!

Why VirtualPSI for Your School?

Here at PSI, we are committed to building the foundation that helps all children Learn, Thrive, and Grow. Whether your school needs help with growing caseloads, maybe your school is located in a rural area and struggles to find quality staff, or your current therapist will be out on medical leave soon, PSI can help. Our professional team of experienced SLPs, OTs, and teachers are highly trained to serve your needs. We are nationally certified and state board licensed with years of both clinical and school-based experience. Our team is dedicated, qualified, and  ready to serve your needs!


A Few Common Questions

  •  What equipment do I need?

Setup is easy! You need a computer, a high-speed internet connection, a headset and microphone, and a webcam. These days, due to state testing, most schools meet all these requirements.

  •  What Materials Are Used?

We use the same materials you would used in traditional therapy! We also assist therapists with digital materials and websites with learning activities and interactive games.

  •  How Will I Communicate with Parents, Teachers, and Administrators?

We strongly encourage regular communication with parents, teachers, and administrators by email, phone, or through the VirtualPSI platform. We can attend IEP or ETR meetings, parent teacher conferences, as well as consult with our team and plan for therapeutic sessions all within VirtualPSI.

  •  Do Online Services Occur During School Hours?

Yes, services are provided during school hours and adhere to the minutes in each student’s IEP. Tutoring services can occur outside of school hours.

  •  Are Online Services Available for All Students?

While most students respond favorably to online therapy, not all students are a good match. Our qualified team determines if VirtualPSI services are appropriate for each student.


Please contact us today to learn more about how VirtualPSI connects your students to the future of therapy! Together, we can be the foundation that helps all students Learn, Thrive, and Grow.

Chris Worthington, MA, CCC-SLP

800.841.4774 ext 257

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